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‘I would recommend W&W Driving School to anyone and everyone!…’

“Due to my mum’s previous experience with Wioletta’s patience and faith during driving lessons, she was able to fulfil her goal and get her driver’s licence. As a result, I had no doubts in choosing Wioletta as my driving instructor as well. W&W Driving School has not only allowed me to pass and obtain my driver’s licence, but I have also gained the confidence I need for safely driving on the roads in many different situations. Furthermore, W&W Driving School was flexible in the places wherein my driving lessons were to begin and end. For example, if I knew tomorrow I wanted to be at Highpoint Shopping Centre or university by 1pm, during the night before, I easily did arrangements with Wioletta for me to be picked up at home and I will be the one to drive to my destination! It practically felt like I was happily driving my own car with a passenger, but all the while still having those valuable driving lessons with Wioletta! I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone! Wioletta is an awesome and excellent driving instructor! She is friendly and easy to get along with, at the same time her patience is very admirable. Wioletta’s teaching style is unique too, in the way that she teaches her students in a gradual matter and not immediately jumps into nerve-racking situations. She has total faith in her students and can observe the progress of different students and tailor the driving lessons according to each one individually.”

-Leanne Kate Gamboa, West Melbourne, Victoria

‘Wioletta [W&W Driving School] provided me with the confidence…’

“I obtained a license in Europe many years ago. A short time ago I came to Australia and I was very hesitant to drive on Australian roads. Not only did Wioletta help me with driving but helped me understand the different road rules and furthermore helped me with the language. I found myself very unfamiliar with driving and handling Melbourne’s busy roads. Wioletta provided me with the confidence I had driving in Europe when I first began to drive and made obtaining my driver’s license seem so easy.”

-Iwona, Sunshine West

‘I feared driving!’

“Driving was definitely not on my agenda alongside with clubbing, drinking and getting into the cassino (legally). In fact I feared it. Unlike many who have a phobia of driving, I was fortunate enough to have Wioletta for a driving instructor to help me get through and comfort me each step of the way. I feel that she has an amazing approach. Always calm, collected, and insightful and through her dedication I quickly overcame my fear of driving. Three months down the track, the girl who could not stand the thought of being behind the wheel was now standing behind a counter at Vicroads staring at a little red dot, getting her photo taken to be printed on her brand new PROBATIONARY LICENSE! Thanks Wioletta!! I feel that whether you’re 16 or 36, or older, if you have a willingness to learn the mysteries of driving then Wioletta Wierzbicki is the Lady for the job.”

-Kathrine Polak, West Melbourne

‘W&W Driving School offers flexible times and helps you to become a better driver…’

“Great referral from friends and they’re great experience they’ve had with this company. Was recommended by not just 1, but by many previous drivers using wandw’s service. All past users of WandW had great experiences with the company which further gave me confidence in acquiring its services. WandW driving school has helped improve my driving skills and knowledge beyond that of just a pass on the exam. I now have more confidence behind the wheel and understand the rules of the road. I would recommend this service to all my friends that are looking for driving instructors and those who are about too or have received they’re Learner permits. WandW driving school offers flexible times and helps you to become a better driver.”

-Sebastian Miekus, Taylors Lakes

‘PASSED the (dreaded!!!) driving test with confidence thanks to W&W Driving School. Yippee!!!’

“Wioletta is an amazing driving instructor. I feel that she is genuine, caring and honest. She instantly recognised my driving strengths and was able to spot the weaknesses (I had some of those!). But, instead of embarrassing me or making fuss about it she focused on helping me correct them. She made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. And, as a result I was able to pass the (dreaded!!!) driving test with confidence. Yippee!!! To date I have recommended about 10-12 people to Wioletta (should I get some kind of a commission?? Just kidding!) and with her help they are all driving today. Thanks heaps Wioletta and W&W Driving School for helping me + my friends pass the driving test – I will continue recommending you and W&W Driving School to colleagues, friends and family.”

-Janet, Melbourne Western Suburbs, Victoria.

Simply call Wioletta (head instructor at W&W Driving School) on 0412 495 745 to book your first driving lesson TODAY!

You can also call her landline on 9367 8860 or contact her via the W&W Driving School Contact Form.

W&W Driving School in Melbourne West has helped HUNDREDS of people PASS their driving test the first time – it may do the same for YOU!